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Welcome to the home of author Scott Corlett. I write action thrillers and adventure books. My stories are known for their lightning pace, kick-ass characters, and exotic locations.




In 1949, the U.S. eastern seaboard narrowly misses annihilation when a remote volcanic island erupts off the African coast.


Fast-forward to present day, and American scientist Sam Quick and her team are on expedition to the island when they stumble on a deadly plot that threatens the United States with unthinkable destruction. The lethal web stretches from the tiny island to the capitals of Europe to the American rustbelt. And at the center is a brutal Russian billionaire who is hell-bent on rewriting history.


In the highest-stakes experiment of her life, can Sam Quick stay alive along enough to stop him?


An instant classic that appeals to the adventure in all of us to save what we love. Sam Quick for president!

Amazon Five-Star Review


You'll love this sprawling yet focused story that sails through the pages as easily as the characters zoom across countries and continents in a classic race against time and the forces of evil.

Amazon Five-Star Review

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