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Getting Restless

I'm getting that urge again. That nagging, gnawing at the back of my head. Keeping me from writing and thinking about pretty much anything else. The need to go on an adventure. Check out somewhere new and remote and awesome all at once.

Last time I got this bad, I ended up 6000 miles away on a little island lying off the African coast. Hiking to the top of a volcanic ridge line, looking out over the world, dreaming up a little book that came to be THE RED PEARL EFFECT and giving life to the most kick-ass scientist around, Sam Quick.

I've been writing away on book #2 in series. Maybe, just maybe, I can it aside a few weeks and get myself to an island way the f' in the middle of nowhere. With no deadlines and Facebook and Twitter and news sites. Just a whole lot of beautiful nothing.

Yeah, sounds just about right. Care to join me?


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